Walling chopson June 21, 2022

L&M Landscapes construct brick and stone walling allowing free standing or retaining walls to assist in gardens practicality as well as looking aesthetically pleasing.
We offer: Brick Stone Timber Sleepers Blockwork & Render
We never hit a Brick Wall

Walling is a great and practical way to create property boundaries and level changes within your garden

L&M landscapes can use walling to help secure your property boundaries, create steps or visually improve your garden creating raised planting areas , seating areas and outdoor dining terraces.

Our Process,
Fitted around you.
Design Consultancy visit

At L&M Landscapes, we understand gardens and driveways come in all shapes and sizes. We will organise an initial visit and listen carefully to your requirements , calling on our experience we will work with you to draft your perfect project.

Design, Costing & Brief

After the initial visit your project will be fully designed using AUTO CAD, from this it will be carefully costed and a comprehensive brief shared for discussion / approval to progress.

Final Consultation

If you are happy to progress we can meet again to finalise the project brief prior to starting work.