Patio Features chopson November 28, 2022

Patio Features
L & M Landscapes can enhance your garden even further
by adding various patio and garden features. 
We offer: Water Features Stone Rockeries Lighting Cobble & Granite Edgings Planting Schemes
Hang out with your gnomies

Use L &M Landscapes expert knowledge to add specimen shrubs, trees and rocks to your planting borders adding colour and depth to your garden

Create a calming atmosphere by adding bespoke water features

Electrical lighting options are a great way to aluminate your garden and patio

Add definition to your patios / borders using cobbles or granite edgings

Our Process,
Fitted around you.
Design Consultancy visit

At L&M Landscapes, we understand gardens and driveways come in all shapes and sizes. We will organise an initial visit and listen carefully to your requirements , calling on our experience we will work with you to draft your perfect project.

Design, Costing & Brief

After the initial visit your project will be fully designed using AUTO CAD, from this it will be carefully costed and a comprehensive brief shared for discussion / approval to progress.

Final Consultation

If you are happy to progress we can meet again to finalise the project brief prior to starting work.