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Clematis Armandii


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A large, vigorous evergreen climber with leathery, dark glossy green trifoliate leaves up to 15cm long. Single, fragrant creamy-white flowers 5-6cm across with creamy stamens, in clusters in early to mid spring.

Please be advised that the appearance of some plants may vary depending on factors such as maturity, seasonal variations and the size of the pot in which they are grown. Images provided are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely represent the plant you receive.

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Foliage: All Year

Flower: Spring

Position: Full sun

Soil: Moist, well-drained

Maximum Growth and Spread:
Height: 5 meter
Spread: 3 meter

Pruning: If required, prune immediately after flowering. Evergreen clematis prefer a light loam or free-draining soil. Although evergreen, occasionally some leaves will die off, this is natural and they can be carefully trimmed off.